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Kira Butler writes speculative fiction for adults, new adults, and young adult readers. She appreciates dark urban fantasy and low key horror, and likes to write about everything in between.

She is currently completing work on her forthcoming horror novel, Wake the Dead — the first book in The Neverafter Sequence: It’s about the darkness found in all of us. It’s about survival against all odds.

Kira Butler: Horror Writer

The Graphic Designer

In her daytime hours, Kira works another sort of alchemy: she is a creative professional of ten years, working in graphic design, brand development, content architecture, and user experience.

With a background in marketing and product development, she applies what she knows to her own web presence, and she teaches other authors how they can improve their marketing, branding, and social reach.

Mothkeeper, a free short horror story by Kira Butler

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Mothkeeper: Available today!

Gerald trapped, collected, and mounted the first fifty-nine species in his collection under the tutelage of his grandfather: They were not the best specimens, but he kept them displayed because they signified a lifelong love that not even his wife, Marjorie, could rival in their fifty-six years of marriage. Gerald was a lepidopterist, and his collecting continued even his mind and body began to deteriorate. When Gerald began hearing voices, the doctor gave him a prescription. When Gerald wrote the name “Susan” accidentally on one of his taxonomy cards, he scratched it out. When Gerald lay dying, he wondered to himself what it all meant — until, unshackled from his earthly trappings, Gerald finally understood…

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September 23, 2016 in Book Reviews, Book Reviews - Young Adult

This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp

One of the things that frustrates me about the horror genre is that we sometimes fail to include everyday horror under the umbrella. When I talk to people about what they read and what they like and subsequently what they veer away from, the topic of horror often comes up: even today there’s a popular conception that horror needs to be one way to understand that it’s horror: There’s a supernatural element or there’s a serial killer or there’s a supernatural serial killer that doesn’t stay dead so you have multiple sequels in a franchise with some dude wearing a mask and carrying a machete.

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