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She dreams of dark things

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Kira Butler writes speculative fiction for adults, new adults, and young adult readers. She appreciates dark urban fantasy and low key horror, and likes to write about everything in between.

She is currently completing work on her forthcoming horror novel, Wake the Dead — the first book in The Neverafter Sequence: It’s about the darkness found in all of us. It’s about survival against all odds.

Kira Butler: Horror Writer

The Graphic Designer

In her daytime hours, Kira works another sort of alchemy: she is a creative professional of ten years, working in graphic design, brand development, content architecture, and user experience.

With a background in marketing and product development, she applies what she knows to her own web presence, and she teaches other authors how they can improve their marketing, branding, and social reach.

Hanging Tree, a free short horror story by Kira Butler

New Horror Fiction

Hanging Tree: Available April 30, 2016!

Everyone knew the stories about the wood: passed between each successive class of students to matriculate through Barrow High — they said there was a tree standing at the exact centre whose boughs were weighted by the numerous sneakers draped over its branches. The senior dare had been the same for generations: Find the tree, then get the hell out. Corinth never meant to take the dare, but when Penn gets a little too handsy at the homecoming bonfire, Corinth escapes into the wood despite the warnings. The tree has another name, however, a name that no one can pronounce anymore — but in the thickest part of Barrow’s wood, the tree has been waiting for Corinth to find it…

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May 4, 2016 in Resources

Sites that Review Horror Fiction and Horror Novels for free

Not too long ago while browsing one of the hour groups I belong to, a query came up asking about where someone might find websites that review horror novels. I imagine the writer of that post was a self-pubber trying to hawk her book without being obnoxious about it. She was doing something smart too: asking her peers for their experience; that knuckled-down, hard-won, bloody-teeth wisdom of what to do when google sucks.

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