Finding Writing Inspiration

Favourite Places for finding Writing Inspiration

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Inspiration strikes in strange places: sometimes you have to hunt it down, and sometimes it lands in your lap like a brightly coloured, ticking package just waiting to go off. I wonder if I like writing so much because it encourages me to research weird stuff. Partially I wonder if it’s because I like to magpie curiosities in Evernote for use later. The strangest collection of seemingly useless information appears in the most bizarre fashion in my fiction sometimes.

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Author Branding

New Author Branding!

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It’s springtime! Snow is melting, the sun is out, and I’ve had a great “maker” weekend where all I’ve done is write, design, and further develop a couple of projects I’ve had going. A few days ago I wrote about taking the first steps towards establishing my author branding. The idea solidified a couple of days back, and so began three nights of furious illustration.

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Why do we write horror?

Why do we write horror?

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I had a rough night a few days back. Office squabbles. I managed to offend someone unintentionally, which resulted in back biting and catty sniping and word getting back to my boss (which we both subsequently laughed at, and opting for a direct approach addressed the matter head on by addressing the offended parties) which resulted in more back biting and catty sniping but to my face this time. At which point I gave up. Team player? Only if the game we’re playing is one of those Mayan suicide runs where the losing team gets sacrificed to the winners’ gods in the end.

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Resurrection and Camp NaNoWriMo

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The problem with novel writing is that there are constantly a bunch of things you need to keep warm on a back burner someplace in your brain or you forget all about they whys and the wherefores and its easy to get lost. I sometimes forget why I’m doing this — writing this book — on the particularly hard days when it’s not going well and that little voice of self-doubt says the work is only a mix of vanity and self-flagellation and my time could be better spent actually living life instead of imagining someone else’s.

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Resources for Horror Writers

Horror Resources in Review: March 2014

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I’m on Twitter way too much. My feed is aggressive, and sometimes the really good stuff gets lost. I’d like to make an effort to curate a collection of established and up-and-coming websites, blogs, articles, feeds, and people to network with for others who are interested in producing and consuming horror-related media, regardless of the format: whether you’re a writer, a reader, a film lover, or a film-maker. While individual posts are scheduled weekly with a little blurb about the sites, I’ll be collecting them once monthly with a couple of extra tidbits for anyone interested.

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