Kira started writing in her early teens after developing a fondness for young adult fantasy. Her first experiments lent to fan fiction, but she eventually mustered the courage to delve into her first loves: dark fiction and horror. Raised on Stephen King and Anne Rice, Kira’s influences today fall under the speculative fiction umbrella: she has an unrivalled love for gothic horror -- hauntings, monsters, and the shadows that vanish when you turn to look for them.


With a passion for Fortean studies, legend tripping, and folklore, Kira draws inspiration from history, paranormal studies, occult traditions, and curious places. Her fondness to treat setting as character is a defining aspect of much of her work. Favouring Byronic heroes with a lot of baggage and troubled antiheroines who must rise above their self-defeats, she nurtures the monster dwelling within ordinary people to shape her stories. Her present manuscript pitches include three YA dark fantasy and horror titles.

Short Stories

Kira’s short stories have been described as quietly terrifying, ephemeral, and delicate in their creepiness. Her oddities collection is a strange assortment of free-to-read fictions that nudge the boundaries of comfort.

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Occasionally, Kira runs a giveaway, a contest, or supplies the horror community with interesting tidbits of useful information that she’s collected. She likes to curate the weird and wonderful, but is a real stickler about who gets that information first. Subscribing to her newsletter is the golden ticket.

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