Articles for Horror Writers: On the craft of writing scary

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty bloody tired. This is the result of forcibly doing nothing all weekend to brace for a crazy week. Instead of writing, I made art. Instead of working on the website, I worked on my Bullet Journal spreads.

It is now ten thirty four p.m. on a Monday evening after levelling up my morning routine by adding a yoga session to my daily morning pages. I was up at an ungodly early hour, and with nightmares and dreams still crusted in my eyes, I was on the mat. At this hour of the day, I don’t even remember the workout (I mean, come on, who’s functional before coffee?) but I feel its aftermath.

Oh, P.S. there was also a stressful day going full-tilt at the office following yoga-torture.

On the craft of writing scary

For the sake of brevity and not whining about everything that typically does me wrong on a Monday as I’m attempting to cobble together a blog post, I come with an offering: something of use from my personal commonplace articles as this is the sort of thing I curate. Articles for horror writers specifically geared towards the craft of writing scary stuff is what I search for when I’m having trouble with the writing process and I find that I need a reminder as to why I willingly offer three hours of perfectly good evening to novel revision when I could be watching Netflix. I could be watching more of The Expanse, or Legion, or catching up on The Magicians. (When does Game of Thrones air this season?) You know — important stuff.

I’ve made my bed, as they say. Obviously, there’s something that lives under it.

Namaste, motherf*cker.


Articles for Horror Writers: On the craft of writing scary

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