gothic horror and dark fantasy manuscripts seeking representation

Offered for consideration are a selection of completed manuscripts and in-progress works seeking agented representation. Chapter samples and complete book proposals are available upon request. Upcoming proposals are cited as works-in-progress, and will be made available for query upon completion.

Wake the Dead

Young Adult Dark Fantasy

completed manuscript

When Eden is tricked into bonding with a dark object of terrible power, she must destroy the growing shadow inside her before her enemies can use her to bring back the last necromancer.

YA Dark Fantasy Manuscript Pitch: Wake the Dead by Kira Butler
YA Horror Manuscript Pitch: The Hollow Road by Kira Butler

The Hollow Road

Young Adult Horror


Two lives are intertwined across generations when Harper uncovers the record of a girl who drowned at the old Briar Hill asylum decades before. Harper must race to uncover the secrets stirred in the sediment at the bottom of the lake before history can repeat itself, or the house pulls her down with it.


Young Adult Horror


Bullied, beaten, he kept his head down, nurturing the sort of hostility that branded him an outcast to begin with: When Lucas fell from grace, he declared that he would take the entire high school with him. They didn't believe him. They never knew what he was capable of until he struck the first match to burn their empire to the ground.

YA Horror Manuscript Pitch: Shine by Kira Butler

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