Library and Bibliography

kira's research materials

Kira's reference library collects the non-fiction titles she uses to improve her writing, expand her understanding of the material she works with, and offers context into some of the subject matter she's exploring in her fiction. Includes books on writing, the occult, and strange history.


Lexicon & Glossary

frequently used verbiage

A glossary of terms frequently used on this website, at the blog, and in Kira's books and short stories: an ever-growing list of oddities and curiosities drawn from folklore, urban legend, myth, history, cryptozoology, paranormal research, fairy tales, and Fortean studies.

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Occasionally, Kira runs a giveaway, a contest, or supplies the horror community with interesting tidbits of useful information that she’s collected. She likes to curate the weird and wonderful, but is a real stickler about who gets that information first. Subscribing to her newsletter is the golden ticket.

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