Emily’s Bridge at The Midnight Society

This week at The Midnight Society, I had to opportunity to document one of the highlight’s from last week’s trip to Stowe, Vermont. We were fortunate enough to take a lantern-lit tour of Stowe at night, visiting Old Yard Cemetery and the haunted Green Mountain Inn.

This is the story about what happened after we finished the ghost tour.

Emily’s Bridge at The Midnight Society

It’s sometime after ten and we’re standing in front of Old Yard holding an eighteenth-century lantern replica with a tin roof, holds slotted into it to let the heat escape. We’re dangling it over the wall that separates the parking lot from the cemetery. The candlelight reflects off a small slabbed tombstone — isolated from the rest of the graves without any real indication why. It could be a dissenter’s plot. I run over the number of reasons why someone might be buried as a dissenter in 19th century Stowe: usual reasons include not adhering to the popular religion of the day, but in some cases, convicts or suicides got special treatment.

A glance over our shoulders confirms that the small, clapboard church would cast a shadow on the spot we’re standing if it were daytime; but it’s dark and there’s a clear, full moon overhead, and I’m thinking to myself that — if I were angling for it — this is the best scenario to go ghost hunting.

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