Evil Supply Co. Paper Stash

Do you have a paper fetish? I have a real bad habit of collecting cute and creepy looking paper goods — everything from fancy journals to day planners to stationary. I especially fall all over myself when these things have a horror-theme: adorable werewolves with claws tipped in blood, smiling mermaids ready to drown unsuspecting sailors, grinning ghouls, goblins, and ghosts, smiling skeletons — I’m particularly fond of them. While it helps if I can get practical use out of this stuff, I’ll be the first to admit that my collection is never quite big enough.

I’ll also be the first to admit that when I get an idea to “better organize my writing time” I’m happy to shop for “tools that facilitate the process.” When Meghan Harker over at Exquisitely Odd posted a few photos of her day planner achievements project to keep up her with writing, and after I was done pinging her on Facebook and retweeting the original post, I went shopping.

My first stop was a site I’d been admiring for some time, filling my cart and then surfing away before checking out after telling myself I didn’t need another half dozen stickers or notecards. I definitely didn’t need more stationary when I send a shitton of emails and most of my scheduling is handled on my iPhone/Mac/Tablet combo.

I miss writing things by hand, though: I miss it something fierce. I miss it like I miss actual, hardbound books when I’ve been reading books on my Kindle for too long. I miss paper and ink because its warm, if less efficient. I miss it because you can scribble on it, stamp it, tape it, highlight it, and put it on a shelf, then take it back down and admire it.

I’m pre-writing right now. Did you know? (Maybe I haven’t been swearing at my computer screen loudly and frequently enough for you to have heard about it.) My pre-writing schedule is longer and more intense than writing the first draft: it’s the thinking and documentation and structure work that shapes a novel. It is long, and gruelling, and ugly, and a wild ride, but progress isn’t measured by word count. I decided that while I’m at it, I’d reward myself and acknowledge my accomplishments day to day in another way.

I decided that I was going to adopt Meghan’s methodology for achievement tracking, took one more look at that website with all the paper goods I’d been lusting after, and I caved. I caved hard.

Evil Supply Co. Paper Stash

It’s my pleasure to present Evil Supply Co., who describe themselves as, “an evil paper goods company specializing in witchcraft to spacecraft, mermaids in lost seas to ghosts haunting ancient libraries. We are here to make the Netherworld a better place.”

They specialize in all manner of creepy stationary, including notecards, writing paper, envelopes, stickers, stamps, and my favourite thing — the thing that initially had me over the moon (and still does) a Peculiar Planner to Plot Dastardly Deeds.



I was, by my measure, restrained in my purchases. I bought three stickers, the Peculiar Planner, and a notecard set that came with these lovely little matching black envelopes.

I was gifted with a stack of stationary and matching envelopes, a half a dozen more free stickers, a free patch, a mini poster, a copy of the Peyroux Dispatch (the official Newspaper of the Netherworld), a notebook, and another notecard. I also received a note after the package shipped saying they were out of stock of the notecard I ordered, and were shipping another in a similar style while the other was restocked. They’ll be sending the originals I ordered along once they’re back in stock.

(Thank you, Atticus.)

Peculiar Planner

I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a bit of a walk-through, since the print is lovely, and the Planner has a few interesting features. Let’s start with the cover, since I’m such a slut for spot varnish.


You take a matte cardstock, and you give it a shiny design-precise treatment with a transparent coating that prints only to your design. The result is a subdued cover that catches the light. Subtle. Elegant. Full of skulls and pumpkins and a creepy halloween tree and candy. (Surprisingly expensive if you try to do this one-off and you’re still a design student.)

The front plate is ornamented with some lovely flourishes, and is inscribed, “Wisdom will find trespassing fingers closing this book rather than ‘Casually Browsing’. One never knows what watches.”

(Holy shit, I love this company. Be still my black heart.)


Since this is the Annual View, the planner has a monthly calendar, a Do & Destroy list, morning and evening to-do-list views (ignoring that pesky thing called “the day job” in between — since my writing time takes place during usually in the pale dawn hours or in the black of night, this is perfect for me), a giant-sized to-do ticky list at the end of each month, and a couple of pages of notes.

You decide when you want to stop and start by filling in the when and where and whys and wherefores, so when you slack off for a month, you can just pick up where you left off.


I got the mini stamps off Minipunkt on Etsy in the midst of my shopping frenzy. Aiming to carry on the theme, I nabbed a coffin, skull, gravestone, ghostie, a pumpkin, and some bitty bats — with the ink to match.

They’re so tiny!


When I hit my pre-writing target, I stamp off the day. This will invariably shift to scribbled word counts on the appropriate dates when I start the rewriting/writing process.


Some of the freebies included with my purchase was stationary for the dead. Or the living. Whichever, I’m impartial.


Stickers!!! Evil Supply Co. had me at the chubby ghost, but I also picked up the coffin, and the Advanced Necromancy textbook. The rest was lagniappe.


Everyday is Halloween. More free stuff: envelopes and a notecard.


I’m considering several possible uses for these Ghost-A-Grams. Mostly, I’m inspired to scribble dark prophecies on them and hide them in Tibby’s backpack before work. Or in his shoes.

Final Thoughts on Evil Supply Co.

Awesome service, overwhelmingly generous, great communication, awesome products, and a quirky sense of dark humour that I can totally appreciate: Evil Supply Co. is worth checking out.

Find Evil Supply Co. on the web, and on Twitter.



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