Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from?


I read a lot and I have a wildly overactive imagination. Growing up as an only child, I used to make up imaginary worlds all the time. It’s been second nature to me to keep myself entertained, usually quietly. I don’t think I was a particularly weird kid, but I eventually grew into an affectation for subversive and stranger stuff: folklore, mythology, superstition, the supernatural, and setting are all Really Big Deals for me when it comes to getting the muse going. I latch onto subjects that make me curious, and I explore them as deeply as I can.

I also like using Tumblr and Pinterest, and collecting a lot of interesting pictures to draw inspiration from.

I think no two people can look at a photograph or a piece of art in exactly the same way, so it follows that no two people could describe an image the same.

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