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I may very well be the most resistant person when it comes to receiving media in new formats. I’ve avoided most things audio for years. Audiobooks. Podcasts too.

I am a girl who likes books. I enjoy the act of reading. I enjoy the smell of freshly printed pages. I like book culture as much as I like writing culture. But there’s still some part of my Id that remembers being told stories before bed, and I guess I’ve never really forgotten how much I used to beg my parents for “just one more story.” It’s this latent little bit of childhood I managed to forget about by growing older — but not completely.

A couple of months ago I started listening to the super-extended-hyper-long-insanely-revised edition of Stephen King’s The Shining because the work I was doing at the time was repetitive and I didn’t need to think too much to get a good job done. (This is a rare occurrence these days, but at the time, I could swing it. This is darkly amusing to me because at the time a virus was circulating the office, and my constantly referring to it as Captain Tripps went straight over most peoples’ heads.)

Anyway. As it was then, so it is now: Stephen King, regardless of the format, tends to act as my gateway drug, and after a bit of googling and getting over my initial irritation of having to sift through piles of archival audio broadcast, I landed on the NoSleep podcast.

Seriously, you can just hook that shit up to my veins.

So began the accumulation of too many subscriptions for me to possibly listen to, and the end result, which is an organic and ever-growing list of awesome horror podcasts that range in topics from book and film reviews, to my favourite storytelling formats.

Enjoy. 🙂

Horror Podcasts


* Submitted links are moderated (and sampled) before being added to the list, but feel free to add whatever you might recommend. I’d gladly check out new horror podcasts for the sheer enjoyment of it.


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