King’s Chapel Burial Ground, Boston


I was in Boston, Massachusetts for a few cool, spring days back in 2014. It was my second visit to the city, but the first as an adult and I was on my own. The bulk of my time was spent at How Live, reinvigorating my passion for design, but I managed to sneak away for a bit to visit the spot where Edgar Allan Poe’s childhood home once stood, and take in a couple of the cemeteries.

Since Old Granary, Central, and King’s Chapel are within walking distance of each other, I visited each of them back to back on what I like to call a “cemetery day” — a day dedicated specifically for taking in the monuments and snapping a few photos.

About King’s Chapel Burial Ground, Boston, MA

King’s Chapel is the oldest cemetery in Boston, dating to 1630. It’s abuts the (you guessed it) King’s Chapel, which was originally named “Stone Chapel.” The cemetery was Boston’s only burial site for thirty years before accommodations became too crowded and Copp’s Hill was founded.

There’s a really curious feature in the frontmost right-hand site of the cemetery. I stuck my face up to the wrought iron and took a peek into gauzy blackness so musty and terrifying for a moment I wondered why anyone would put a well in a cemetery. It turns out that the structure in question is actually a ventilation shaft for a nearby subway, but it still creeped me out.

King's Chapel Burial Ground, Boston

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