Markets for Horror Writers: The Aggregators

Did I tell you I recently lost my rejection cherry? Yup. I celebrated by posting my form rejection to Facebook and was met with a mix of congratulatory notes for officially getting into the publishing game, and condolences. The former I thought were appropriate, because getting rejected as a writer is a rite of passage: the first rejection to my first short story I sent out into the world is commemorative, and I picked a damn good venue to get rejected by. (Turn to Ash, which I’m still super excited about reading once it’s launched.) The condolences… well. Maybe I’d feel worse if it was my fiftieth rejection rather than my first.

But that’s why we have whiskey.

A year ago, the words “form rejection”, “submission”, “query”, and “market” meant little to nothing to me. I understood these things were part of the publishing game, but I didn’t know what to expect. As a writer, I’m still green – I haven’t yet earned my blood spattered stripes — but I’m learning, and in the process working on developing a thicker skin. I’m learning to think of the work I produce as products rather than precious monster-children-creatures, and while I’m learning to get better at my craft, I am offered the advantage of gaining the collective wisdom of everyone who’ve come before me.

Anyway. I’ll cut this preamble short and offer the following: my post on Sites that Review Horror Fiction and Horror Novels for Free did exceedingly well — lots of participation, lots of comments, lots of sharing. (Thank you for that.) I wanted to follow up with another resource post for horror writers, and especially those writers producing short form fiction in celebration of my first rejection.

These are places I follow myself. I use Feedly to manage incoming posts via RSS subscription.

I’m separating this post into only aggregators — sites that collect announcements from markets that have put out calls for submission. It’s a small list, but the content of these sites is invaluable and they’re updated regularly.

Onward into the night, fellow creatives.

Markets for Horror Writers: The Aggregators


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