Better late than never, so they say. With so much chaos surrounding the move, I had to make some serious decisions regarding the two releases I had planned for the end of May and the end of June. Both short stories were pushed back so I could treat them fairly and give them the attention they deserved while the rest of my life was in boxes and we dealt with the chaos of moving into a new home.

You’ve been patient, so I’m here to happily inform you that the wait is over, and this month, two Short Fictions are being made available. The first, Chatham’s Body, is available today for download. The next, The King of Eight Legged Things, which was originally planned for an end of June release, will be made available next Friday, July 15th.


Announcing “Chatham’s Body”

Today marks the eighth release in a twelve-month series of short horror stories. Writing Chatham’s Body was a different experience for me, largely because the story could be magical reality, or it could be weird fiction, and I’m still not a hundred percent certain where it fits. It’s an experimental foray into a territory I’m not altogether familiar with, but nonetheless ended up being fun to write.

It’s a story about the rites of passage associated with growing up, family expectations, and anticipating the worst.

I began the Short Fictions & Curiosities experiment partially for the love of the fantastic, and partially because I wanted to take mini-vacations from the novel I’ve been toiling over for the last year. I look at Short Fictions & Curiosities as a collection of oddities that didn’t quite want to fit anywhere else: misfit creatures that occasionally poked their heads out of the murky places where I’d hidden them.

As bizarre as they were, I still wanted to give them a home. And here we are.


About Short Fictions & Curiosities

Short Fictions & Curiosities are monthly offerings: a sample of short stories, wonders, terrors, and experiments in speculative fiction: small slivers of dark fiction and horror from the vault for your enjoyment. They are free to read, with the hopes that you’ll share with others on the social media platform of your choosing. Each story has been penned and designed by Kira Butler. They are formatted for ePub, Mobi, and PDF, and it’s at your discretion how you’d like to receive them.

You can read the initial announcement about the series here.


About the story:

“The change is coming.” It’s a mantra that’s been repeated as long as Elliot can remember, but the closer he gets to his 13th birthday, the worse it gets. His sisters, his grandma, his cousins — they’ve all been acting suspicious; talking about him when he’s not in the room, whispering secrets. Worse, no one will tell Elliot what exactly “The Change” is. All Elliot knows is that it’s bad: his voice is cracking, his arms feel too long for his body, and his chin looks like a slice of pepperoni pizza. Hours before midnight, Elliot waits for The Change to come, and with it, the worst possible scenario yet…

Read the story >


About Kira Butler:

Kira Butler is a speculative fiction writer and creative professional from Montreal. She holds a BFA from Concordia University, is a supporting member of the Horror Writers Association, and a member of the Quebec Writers Federation. She has been writing fiction for over ten years, having produced over twenty short stories, and three novels. She haunts, and can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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