The town of Briarghast pays close attention to the observances of All Hallows' Eve. For a century or more they’ve lit the lanterns without fail as the sun descends. When Aisling asks her [...]

Lady of the Grain

She waits in the wheat fields as the days grow shorter. Some people have seen her near the time of the harvest: a figure crowned in sheaves. Golden cornsilk hair. Eyes the colour of warm honey. [...]


Gerald trapped, collected, and mounted the first fifty-nine species in his collection under the tutelage of his grandfather. They were not the best specimens, but he kept them displayed because [...]

Soghrum’s Inheritance

His summer holidays in Greece with his grandparents weren’t unusual, just boring. Sun-soaked days and warm nights in the small town of Aegina are uneventful for Soghrum: mostly, he and Papou [...]

Chatham’s Body

“The change is coming.” It’s a mantra that’s been repeated as long as Elliot can remember, but the closer he gets to his 13th birthday, the worse it gets. His sisters, his grandma, his cousins — [...]

Hanging Tree

Everyone knew the stories about the wood: passed between each successive class of students to matriculate through Barrow High — they said there was a tree standing at the exact centre whose [...]

Rosencrantz & Hemlock

When I visited Yaga’s apartment, I didn’t really believe in magic — and definitely not the really black stuff — but I did know one thing: you could totally put a price on revenge, and I was ready [...]


It’s always been Louis and his horn: when they shut off the electricity, when the cable got cut, when they kicked him out of the projects and he had to sleep in one of the tombs in the cemetery [...]

Near Dark

The dead are permitted to return between sundown to nightfall every fifteen years on the anniversary of their death. It’s a brief window of time, and a long drive, but Mara knows a few things [...]

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