The Skeleton and the Corpse Candle

It’s two weeks out to NaNoWriMo and the beginning of a new writing project for me, and while I’m humming a dirge while trudging towards the inevitable end of my sanity, I’m taking these final moments of peace to share a few last words while I can still string a sentence together.

You may be familiar with Jolene Haley, in which case this is old hat for you, but if not: Jolene is our fearless leader over at The Midnight Society, she co-runs Pen & Muse Press, and also runs Hocus Pocus. She’s a busy lady, but she’s also generously shared her space for the duration of October with other writers who are inclined towards the creepy to showcase art and fiction about a secluded old place located somewhere in New England — the Thornewood Hotel.

The Skeleton and the Corpse Candle

My submission to the Haunted Hotel Showcase went live on October 13th. In case you missed it, The Skeleton and the Corpse Candle is available to read for free (no downloads, no trickery) at for The Haunted Hotel showcase.

Check out a snippet below, and click through for the full story at her site.

The Skeleton and the Corpse Candle by Kira Butler

Here’s what I know of ghosts: most of them don’t know they’ve moved on. Like a television set that’s been shut off recently, there’s a faint glow left over once it’s turned off.

It’s a light that lingers for a time, but it fades.

From the road that winds around the base of the hill and upwards into the thicket surrounding the Thornewood, you can see the widow’s walk rising above the tree line. Its black gable points heavenward though the hotel’s contemplation and somber exterior recall more earthly preoccupations; the living that pass through its halls, and the dead who linger still.

Quotes: The Skeleton and the Corpse Candle by Kira Butler

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The Skeleton and the Corpse Candle by Kira Butler
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