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Kira Butler's blog is the crucible for her creative practice, where she shares a little bit of the old dark stuff with other like-minded individuals who deal in the sort of shadows that have heft, those with an affinity for teeth and claws, and those who can't help but stir the spirits up.

Book Reviews

Horror, Dark Fantasy, and YA Fiction

what i've been reading lately

A voracious reader with an unending appetite for new books, Kira's personal library presently numbers at just under a thousand titles (and that's not including what she keeps on her kindle.) This is her love affair with the written word: fiction and non-fiction recommendations that she happily foists onto others.

Book Reviews
Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries

Cemeteries and Other Strange Places

documenting the wanderlust

Journeying to find inspiration in odd places, Kira often finds herself wandering to locations where art and history intersect. Her travels have taken her to a handful of countries as she slowly works her way through a very large bucket list of cemeteries, medical museums, and cabinets of curiosity. This is her photographic journey.

Bullet Journal

BuJo for World Domination

down the planning rabbit hole

"I get it, it's just like when I paint minis," said my boyfriend to me as I brandished a ruler and a micron pen at him. I'm like Alice following a white rabbit with the whole Bullet Journal thing. Join me as I adapt Ryder Carroll's system for planning, plotting, and writing novels, and then managing the harrowing submission process.

Bullet Journal

Would you like to live deliciously?

Occasionally, Kira runs a giveaway, a contest, or supplies the horror community with interesting tidbits of useful information that she’s collected. She likes to curate the weird and wonderful, but is a real stickler about who gets that information first. Subscribing to her newsletter is the golden ticket.

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