L.M. Pruitt, author of Silk, shares “The Smell of Honeysuckles”

I’m happy to invite author L.M. Pruitt to the blog today to share a story today on her blog tour travels for her upcoming horror novel, Silk. Details about the book can be found at the bottom of this post, and you can check out the cover reveal here.

L.M. Pruitt, author of Silk, shares “The Smell of Honeysuckles”

My mother likes to tell the story of how I received my name. Not as often as when I was younger, but it’s still on the list of topics which she will randomly start talking about for no reason. It’s an interesting story, mostly because it involves a person who was dead a very long time before I was born and the scent of perfume in a room where there shouldn’t have been any perfume at all.

My grandmother came from a large family—if I remember correctly, three girls and three boys. Yes—it’s actually so large, I can’t accurately remember the number of my relatives. My grandmother’s youngest sister died in a car accident about seven or eight years before I was born. She was my grandmother’s favorite sibling and so, naturally, when my mother found out she was expecting a girl, my grandmother suggested I be named after my dead great-aunt.

My mother was on the fence about the issue—the name in question is very much on the old-fashioned side and she already had a few names of her own picked out. Still, she agreed to think it over before making a decision. Which was exactly what she was doing late one night when her bedroom was suddenly filled with the scent of honeysuckles.

Honeysuckle had been my great-aunt’s favorite perfume.

There was not, however, any honeysuckle in the room. Or the house. Or even among the plants outside.

So there was no logical reason for the room to smell like honeysuckle.

The only reason—at least so my mother believes—is that it was a sign concerning what name she should choose. It was not a sign she ignored.

These days, I often have people ask me if I’m named after a certain popular cartoon character. If I have time, I like to tell them the story of where my name came from—because, quite frankly, I think it’s much more awesome than being names after a cartoon character.




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